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We welcome you to TackRoomOrganizer.com, your online resource for all your saddle and horse blanket needs.  We carry a complete line of horse blanket bars, drying bars, displays, pad holders, saddle racks, stands, and saddle carts.  Our equestrian products are all built to be heavy duty and last your lifetime.  We use high yield, high tensile strength steel in our products, with 360° welds to ensure strength and stability for the ultimate protection of your valuable barn and stable supplies.  Do you know how much a simple horse blanket can cost these days?

We created this business because we're like you, we love horses.  Finding dependable country and equestrian supplies wasn't as easy as we thought it should be. Especially when considering how many farms, stables and barns are in this great country of ours!  Not only is there a high demand for quality equestrian products, but the demand is growing as families move out of the big cities and back out to the rural areas.  On top of that, we found we can manufacture and sell them at great prices to our customers.  This makes it easy for you to get the supplies you need at a price that is affordable for both smaller and larger barns and stables.  Our supplies are designed to last your lifetime, without fail, without a need for replacements.

Below you will find some detailed background information on our blanket bars, holders, tack racks, saddle racks, carts, and stands.  This information will give you a better idea of the high level of quality you can expect from our horse equipment.  We feel this information is very important for you to be highly educated and make the smartest decisions for your barns and stables.  On the ensuing pages, you will get more in depth information, leaving no stone unturned, so that you will know when you buy your products from us, you're going to get more than you paid for.  You will come back for more...

If you prefer not to read all those boring details and go straight to the product pages, click on the links below.  We thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about us and our top quality saddle racks and blanket bars.  Should you have questions that aren't answered within this informational site, please feel free to contact us for more info...  Contact Us



Our top of the line horse blanket bars, holders, displays, and country supplies are made for the horse barns and stalls for those who love their equestrian lifestyle and sincerely care about the condition of their pads and blankets. At last, you've found the place with super-strong bars and blanket displays that will securely and proudly hold even the densest of the woven blankets without bending.  These premium display bars and holders are designed for the ultimate care for your blankets and complement that with very attractive displays.

We've got a wide selection of bolt-on, swing/swivel, free-standing, and multiple bar blanket holders and tack racks to suit any size barn or stable.  Blanket bars and racks are a necessary piece of stable equipment for storing all your blankets and saddle pads and keeping them in excellent condition for years to come.

Today, blankets are made of hi-tech materials and are becoming quite expensive! Our blanket bars and saddle pad racks are not made of lightweight aluminum, wood, or cheap steel.  We've designed and built our bars and displays to not only do their job, but to do their job for a lifetime.  We're talking their lifetime, which we expect to be well beyond your lifetime...


Durability and reliability are key concepts that we take to heart.  You will truly appreciate that when you're ready to retire, and they're still going strong!  Not only will you get a strong and dependable blanket display, but we have several attractive styles available to suit your needs, whether it be one of our space-saving designs, decorative, or more form and function.  The bottom line for you is to take the best possible care of those expensive blankets, and keep them off the stable gate or tack room floor, allowing them to properly air out between uses.  Mold and mildew can ruin a nice blanket quickly.

Our blanket racks and displays create a professional, warm and inviting look to the saddle and accessory areas of your tack rooms and stables.  International Horse Supply carries a huge number of blanket bars and holders, in multiple sizes and styles, that will keep you organized, save your space, therefore creating a richer environment in your equine barn. If you're in need of the finest quality blanket bars, holders and display racks for your stalls and stables, you've come to the right place here at TackRoomOrganizer.com.

All you have to do is supply the horse, we'll take care of everything else.

Please click the "Blanket Bars" link below and take a moment to check out more information about all of our horse blanket racks and pad displays.  We also carry a vast array of professional quality country supplies and barn accessories, designed for both commercial and personal use.  From that page, you will have the ability to go to our main site and check out pricing, and order when you're ready.


Our full line of saddle racks, carts, stands, and country supplies are made for all levels and sizes of horse barns, stables, and stalls, for riders who sincerely care about the condition of their saddles. These highly attractive, decorative, functional, and durable saddle racks, displays and saddle stands, will help you in keeping organized and taking the best possible care of your saddle, the kind of care that your favorite Western or English saddle deserves.

Don't forget, you have to sit on it. 

It deserves the best care, and will give you the best comfort in return.

Our premium saddle stands and tack racks are heavy duty and designed for the ultimate and optimal care of your favorite and expensive saddles.  We compliment with very attractive displays with our without your saddle. Whether you prefer a Western Saddle, or an English Saddle, our superior tack racks, stands, and saddle displays create a professional, warm and inviting look to the saddle and accessory areas of your tack shop and horse barn.

Everyone who's been in the equestrian industry for a length of time knows that brick-and-mortar tack stores find it very difficult to inventory and display large numbers of new and used saddles. International Horse Supply carries a large number of saddle racks, in multiple sizes and styles, that will help keep you organized and therefore easier for your customers to try out all of your saddles. If you're a store owner or manager, and in need of the finest quality tack for your equine store, you've come to the right place here at International Horse Supply. Or if you're the proud owner of some beautiful horses and just want the highest quality equipment for your personal barn, take this to heart.

Our simple motto says it all: You supply the horse, and we'll take care of everything else.

Our full line of saddle racks, stands, carts and displays are perfect accessories for tack shops, equestrian facilities, barns, stables and trade shows (and an egomaniac or two who takes great pride in their horses and barns).

We carry a wide array of professional saddle racks, tack racks, and top-quality displays, designed for both commercial and personal use. We also carry many other useful and necessary country supplies that will fill your barn and stable needs.  From Blanket Bars to Muck Carts, from Shade Kits to Tack Racks, and everything in between.  We've got all your equestrian barn and stable needs fulfilled.

Please click the "Saddle Racks" link below and take a few moments to find detailed information and high resolution images on all of our horse saddle racks and display stands.  From that page, you will have the ability to go to our main site and check out pricing, and order when you're ready.                


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